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Integrated Solutions for Various Industries | AXENIX

We have achieved a lot under the name of Accenture.
Today we are moving on towards new heights as

Логотип axenix

to conquer new heights.

Developing under the new name, our company enters the next stage of its evolution. We are a cohesive team of experts in strategy, innovation and technology. Offering businesses a unique mix of knowledge, experience and expertise, we help our clients develop sustainably integrating the latest ideas and solutions.

Legal succession


The Axenix company is:

  • The legal successor of Accenture in the Russian market that has preserved the traditions, values and expertise of the multinational company
  • lmost 2,000 employees in Moscow, Tver, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg and Almaty
  • 30 years of successful implementation of complex digital transformations and a profound understanding of the industrial specifics
  • A wide range of services for full-scale end-to-end projects: from launching business and IT strategies to their full integration, including development of tech solutions, software, apps and outsourcing
  • Comprehensive expertise in technologies and their development trends for identification of alternative solutions for import substitution


Вартан Диланян
Мария Григорьева
Юрий Ильин
Ирина Одинаева
Сергей Киреев
Лариса Малькова
Дмитрий Топоров

The company’s core management team, remained keeping up traditions and values of Accenture. The division managers have a long history with the company, possess business experience, belong to carriers of multinational company culture and are successful leaders working as one team.

Our services

Strategic and technological consulting

IT Strategy

  • Development of IT and digital strategies ‘for business growth, including design ofdedicated IT architecture and operational model of business and IT
  • Detailed elaboration of IT & digitalization roadmap, and expert support in the implementation of strategy
  • In-depth study of key strategic initiatives for business transformation, efficiency improvement, digitalization of processes, and import substitution of technologies

Production strategy

  • Expert analysis of production management efficiency
  • Solutions for enhancement of production management efficiency
  • Implementation of initiatives, from creation of new operational models to the development and implementation of selected technological solutions at the ERP, MES and automated process control systems levels

Integrated planning solutions

  • Expert analysis of planning efficiency; strategy development
  • Selection of technology platform
  • Design of business architecture and processes
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of integrated planning solutions

Transformation into Data driven organization

  • Strategy of transformation into a Data driven organization
  • Implementation of data factories and reporting factories on various Russian and open source technology stacks
  • Development of specialized industrial and functional solutions based on data science & machine learning technologies

Procurement strategy

  • Development and implementation of procurement strategies, including the principles of category management
  • Expert evaluation of procurement efficiency using data mining algorithms
  • Profound knowledge of the Russian market peculiarities

Marketing strategies and customer experience

  • Expert analysis and search for opportunities to rethink product/service, monetization principles, promotion mechanisms and customer experience for implementation of new business models
  • Market and competitor research, development of communication strategy, implementation and support of full spectrum campaigns in a selected set of formats and media
  • Shaping user experience towards brand loyalty

Technologies and system integration

Implementation of platform solutions

  • Analysis of the current application architecture
  • Development of a list of business requirements for business processes and functions
  • Software research and selection for the designated status
  • Adaptation and implementation of ERP, warehouse management software, EDI, integrated business planning, transportation planning and other suppliers (1C, SAP, Salesforce)
  • Technical support, competence centres, out-staffing

Software development

  • Business and system analysis, design of functional and technical architectures of cloud-ready systems, micro service architectures
  • Software development, testing, deployment and support
  • Load testing, test automation, DevOps architecture design, CI/CD development and implementation
  • Implementation of software development management methodologies

Infrastructure consulting

  • Deployment and operation of IT infrastructure to build a reliable and efficient business application platform
  • Analysis of current state
  • Strategic planning of transition to the cloud and on premise solutions, including import substitution issues
  • Implementation and operation of IT infrastructure, building the evolution processes of IT solutions, DevSecOps approaches
  • Architectural supervision and expert support for the IT infrastructure usage

Information security solutions

  • Protection algorithms for corporate and business systems
  • Information security and business continuity strategies, implementation of security processes
  • Managing cyber risks and threats, ensuring the security of cloud systems, access security, data protection and application security

Service support

  • Application Outsourcing – comprehensive management of an application or a portfolio of applications
  • Support (operation) of applications and their update
  • Development - design, development and testing
  • Automation of services
  • Consulting on optimization of service processes, improvement of service efficiency, creation of competence centres

Implementation of X industry solutions

  • Production analysis and control, integration of new technologies, optimization of business processes
  • Transition to the principles of renewable production and sustainable development, improvement of material and energy efficiency
  • Digitalization, consulting on profitability strategies based on global experience, creation of innovative solutions in view of the local context

We advance industries and sectors

We specialize in large-scale projects of digital transformation of businesses in view of sectoral specifics. We provide a wide spectrum of services, ranging from strategy development, process automation, and design of mergers and acquisitions to introduction of the latest solutions in the field of AI, big data, cloud technologies, information security and digital marketing.

Кодовый замок



A wide range of services for banks and financial organizations, starting with the design of mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, business optimization and construction of turnkey digital platforms to the latest solutions in the field of AI, big data and cyber security.

Одежда на вешалке



Conceptual development and implementation of new business ideas. Optimization, digitalization and automation of all retail packages with the help of turnkey package IT solutions and proprietary IT systems. Improving business efficiency through ready-made solutions of advanced analytics and machine learning.

УШМ режет трубу

Metallurgy and mining industry

Metallurgy and mining industry

Co-creation of innovative strategies together with clients and improvement of operational activities. Implementation of complex automation projects and introduction of new technologies to obtain workable competitive advantages.

Римские свечи

Capital markets

Capital markets

We work with the leaders of the financial sector (banks, brokers, GPs, exchanges and depositories), we help to improve business efficiency and ensure its development through the introduction of new products, the use of advanced analytics and automation of processes.


Consumer goods and services

Consumer goods and services

IT solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods and food, automakers, airlines, hotels and tourism businesses. Development of control algorithms and technological chain structures, optimization of business and marketing strategies.

Горящий газ

Oil and gas

Oil and gas

Servicing a wide range of companies and enterprises in the oil and gas industry, including production and processing enterprises, as well as oilfield service companies.

чайка в небе



Advanced digital technologies and products for leading insurance companies, agents and intermediaries, professional associations and start-ups. Development of strategic solutions for digitalization, automation and improvement of operational efficiency of the insurance business.




Digital services for pharmaceutical, medical and biotech companies. Logistics, optimization of technological processes, production business models, business information security.

Пробирка с веществом

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Working with a wide range of industry segments, including the petrochemical industry, speciality chemicals, polymers and plastics production. Development and implementation of digital transformation strategies, integration of large-scale supply chain planning and management solutions, implementation of innovative projects.


We provide businesses with advanced technologies, consulting and strategies for efficient digitalization, guaranteeing our clients a sustainable and confident development».

Vartan Dilanian

CEO – Chief Executive Officer